TailorNimi Academy

Welcome to Tailor Nimi Academy, where learning is as fun as designing

classTailor Nimi Academy is a specialist Tailoring school based in Lagos, Nigeria. The academy is a newly formed School, founded by Aderonke Mckenzie and other highly skilled colleagues from the industry to pass on the skills they have acquired over the years.
Tailor Nimi Academy is a technical school where both theory and work-based training forms the curriculum. We provide a new training experience concentrating on real working environment.



This course aims to educate and train students in a wide variety of fashion skills. Experience is gained in all aspects of fashion design and production techniques.

Our entire program simulates, as closely as possible, the industry’s standards, practices and facilities.

  • We pay attention to a conducive learning environment. Fully air conditioned, impeccable rest rooms, 24 hours Wi-Fi available for students and free downloads, ample car park space which can accommodate over 150 vehicles;
  • The school has the capacity to accommodate 60 students at once; We have several rooms dedicated to different things, video/projecting room, cutting room, constructing room, draping room etc;
  • Our tutors are university graduates, trained both locally and internationally;
  • We make use of industrial and specialty machines in teaching;
  • Our programs, teaching methods and curriculums are well structured and challenging. In a week, you would have sewn out an outfit FOR YOURSELF, BY YOURSELF;
  • We teach with several relevant international standard textbooks and tools. This exposes you to different pattern making methods by different authors and gives you the ability to read and understand any pattern textbook you may lay your hands upon in future;
  • We teach proper pattern making from the very rudiments with attention to every detail and good finishing;
  • To simplify your learning process, every course content comes with a learning video of ‘’how to sew it’’. These videos are EXCLUSIVE to our students for FREE. Every student has a hard drive with which each video of lessons taught is uploaded. Hence, the student always has something to fall back on at home(i.e. videos) should in case he/she forgets what was taught in school;
  • We also have groups created whereby students can ask questions when not in school and have them answered by any of our instructors, even at odd hours;
  • Students are allowed to intern with the school upon completion. Also, some fashion houses often write us to send students who may want to intern with them. This we often oblige to as it helps in exposing the student to the business side of fashion designing;
  • Our school fees, compared to other schools with close to the same thing we offer is relatively cheaper. We also give you a brand new electric sewing machine and tools FREE.

We offer amazing Affordable Tuition

You can train for a new career with
Tailornimi at a price that won't break your budget. Your learning aids are included in one
affordable tuition price. Your tuition fee comes with a brand new and modern sewing machine.

Passion for young adults

Our main passion is to train young adults to be
financially independent as they grow. Therefore, are
you a parent who wants to equip your ward but are scared to entrust them because you're not sure of the environment or their mixing with the right people? Well, here's the good news. We have separate classrooms dedicated to young adults only.
We encourage parents to bring their youths during
holidays or their transition / waiting period to
universities. This comes useful when they travel abroad to generate additional income right in their own rooms/ hostels. Tax free.

The Future is here

We use up to date tools and technology to train you. This helps to speed up your learning process and avails you the time for your family and social life.

Feels like learning from home

The learning environment is highly conducive. You have access to electricity always during your time at the academy.
All the lessons and learning aids you need to complete your training are right on deck.

You stand to gain

You'll benefit from training with remarkable trainers. Tailor Ni Mi training methods have helped men and women to better jobs and better lives.
When you enroll, you can be certain of receiving a high-quality education and value for your money that could help you get where you want to go.

Enroll into TailorNiMi Academyin 3 easy steps

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Fill and Submit

Fill and submit registration form properly


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Pay fees

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